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I. Cấu trúc

Be ( was, were) 

Tương tự quá khứ đơn


( + ) S + was/ were + O


( + ) S + was/ were + Ving

 ( - ) S + was/were not + O


( - ) S + was/were not + Ving

 ( ? ) Was/ Were + S + O?


( ? ) Was/ Were + S + Ving?

(WH- question):

WH- word + Was/ Were + S + ....?


(WH- question):

WH- word + was/were + S + Ving?


     - I was at home then.

     - I was not at home then.

     - Were you at home then?

     - Where were you then?



    - I was checking facebook at 9pm last night.

    - I was not checking facebook at 9pm last night.

    - Were you checking facebook at 9pm last night?

    - What were you checking at 9pm last night?


II. Cách dùng

1. Diễn tả 1 hành động xảy ra tại  1 thời điểm xác định trong quá khứ.

   -  He was going out at this time yesterday.

2. Diễn tả 2 hay nhiều hành động xảy ra song song với nhau trong quá khứ.

    -  While my mother was watching TV, my father was washing dishes.

3. Diễn tả hành động đang xảy ra ( QKTD) , hành động khác xen vào. (QKĐ)  

    -  I saw Hoa when I was walking in the park.

III. Dấu hiệu nhận biết

- Xuất hiện các từ : when, while, at this time …


BÀI TẬP 1: Bài tập thì quá khứ tiếp diễn - Past Continuous Tense

1. When I phoned my friends, they (play) _________cards..
2. Yesterday at six I (prepare)___________dinner,
3. The kids (play)_______in the garden when it suddenly to rain.
4. I (practise)________the guitar when he came home.
5. We (not/cycle) ________all day.
6. What (you/do) ________at 8pm yesterday?
7. Most of the time we (sit) _________in the park

8. Alice hurt herself while she _________ (skate).

9. I met my neighbor while I _________ (walk) home from work.

10.  Sally saw a friend while she _________ (ride) her bicycle along Park St.

11.  Peter fell asleep while he _________ (study).

12.  Bob stepped on Jane’s feet while they _________ (dance) together.

13.  I cut myself while I _________ (shave).

14.  Mr. and Mrs. Brown burned themselves while they _________ (bake)cookies.

15.  Tommy had a nightmare while he _________ (sleep) at a friend’s home.

BÀI TẬP 2: Chia động từ trong ngoặc vào thì quá khứ đơn hoặc quá khứ tiếp diễn

1.  He _________ (talk) with Mary, when Mrs. Smith came in.

2.  They _________ (study) two hours last night.

3.  Jane _________ (sleep) when the telephone rang.

4.  As I _________ (walk) to the lab, I met my friend.

5.  We _________ (watch) TV last night.

6.  The customer _________ (pay) his cheque when he dropped his credit card.

7.  The barber _________ (cut) my hair yesterday.

8.  She _________ (dance) when she hurt her ankle.

9.  It _________ (rain) hard when I got up.

10.  It _________ (rain) hard last night.

11.  Sally _________ (eat) dinner last night when someone _________ (knock) on the door.

12.  I began to study at seven last night. Fred _________ (come) at seven-thirty. I _________ (study) when Fred _________ (come).

13.  While I _________ (study) last night, Fred _________ (drop by) to visit me.

14.  My roommate’s parents _________ (call) him last night while we _________ (watch) TV.

15.  My mother called me around five. My husband came home a little after five. When he _________ (come) home, I _________ (talk) to my mother on the phone.

16.  Yesterday Tom and Janice _________ (go) to the zoo around one. They _________ (see) many kinds of animals. They stayed at the zoo for two hours. While they _________ (walk) home, it _________ (begin)to rain, so they _________ (stop) at a small café and _________ (have) a cup of coffee.

17.  Yesterday afternoon I _________ (go) to visit the Parker family. When I _________ (get) there around two o’clock, Mrs. Parker _________ (be) in the yard. She _________ (plant) flowers in her garden. Mr. Parker _________ (be) in the garage. He _________ (work) ontheir car. He _________ (change) the oil.